Tom Bryan

Designer & Front-End Developer @cogpowered. Co-founder of @revwit

The Dark Knight Rises

A brilliant end to a fantastic trilogy. Despite its running time (it's looong), its well worth a watch, especially for the great twist at the end.

February 12th


I was abit worried before watching Skyfall after being disappointed with Quantum of Solace, but I'm happy to say I loved it!

The addition of Q to the franchise once more was nice. Daniel Craig did a very good job and the locations we're great.

Definitely the best Bond film I've seen.

February 8th


When I first started playing the demo, I immediately told myself that I wouldn't buy another FIFA game. However my temptation got the better of me.

After playing the game for a while now, I am very glad I did.

It feels smooth and quick. Passing the ball and keeping possession is much easier. The AI make better runs off the ball, and get into more goal scoring positions than before.

I think most people wi...

November 30th