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When I first started playing the demo, I immediately told myself that I wouldn't buy another FIFA game. However my temptation got the better of me.

After playing the g...

Tom Bryan - November 30th

Breaking Bad

As a latecomer to the party, I am now up to date with Breaking Bad and what can I say, you've got to believe the hype.

The show just builds and builds until it climaxes...

Matt Gaunt - February 10th


Highly addictive, exciting, thought provoking, best series I've seen in ages.

I'm just watching the end of series 2 and not once has the story line or the complexity of ...

Matt Gaunt - February 12th


I was abit worried before watching Skyfall after being disappointed with Quantum of Solace, but I'm happy to say I loved it!

The addition of Q to the franchise once mo...

Tom Bryan - February 8th

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